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What is Fractional CFO Services

SAGEVIEW’s Fractional CFO Services has been highly effective for owner managed businesses and mid- market companies in grappling with the challenges of meeting growth and expansion with sustainable financial health and wealth creation for stakeholders, business owners and private equity firms. Fractional CFO Services make it affordable for businesses to involve SAGEVIEW’s CFO only as and when required to implement suggested initiatives or achieve specific goals.

Customers care for four critical metrics: Value for money, on-time order delivery, quality and responsiveness. SAGEVIEW’s fractional or Part-time CFO service can help you:

  • Measure what matters to customers
  • Help forge essential partnerships, and
  • Promote an enterprise view.

Our approach is to help communicate plans to transform the business in financial terms that are easily understood and make a case for change. This helps forge essential partnerships across your business.

SAGEVIEW’s CFO Advisory Services provided to businesses cover wide ranging areas specifically for mid-market companies. We partner for the long term in providing value driven services such as:

* Establish strategic plan, budgets, forecasts and monitor variance reports

* Regulatory reporting – US GAAP & SEC Reporting

* Risk management – Internal Controls, IT General Controls & Governance

* Help with business strategy & identify growth opportunities

* Equity & Debt Financing Advisory

* Mergers & Acquisitions due diligence and Post-merger integration help

* Ad hoc projects of value to your business such as help with digital transformation

What we do

  • We help you better understand the source of value creation
  • Analyze competitive advantages
  • Explain key variables impacting cash flow forecasting
  • Explain better illusion of market multiples as an escape hatch

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