Business Valuation Advisory Services

Strategic Alternatives Analysis

RAGHU RAM CMA, CPA, CVA (USA) is SAGEVIEW Valuations & CFOA Services’ Principal Consultant specializing in Business Valuations and Litigation Support. Raghu is frequently retained as an independent expert; to provide service in specific instances where the business owners have a need to sell their business, plan an exit strategy, offer the business to private equity or take the company public through an IPO process or need valuation for financial reporting purposes such as impairment testing of intangible assets and specialized valuations such as loss of profit for claims purposes, shareholder’s valuation: to name a few.

Financial Audit

Valuations Report

As an experienced business valuator, Raghu provides the following services at SAGEVIEW’s Valuations practice.

  • Business / Enterprise valuation reports
  • Valuations for start-ups, developmental stage enterprises
  • Valuation for financial reporting & financial audit purposes
  • Intellectual Property Valuation
  • Damage quantification for commercial litigation
  • Personal injury income loss assessments
  • Goodwill and Intangible Assets Impairment Studies
  • Valuations & Income assessments for marital dissolutions / matrimonial purposes
  • Specialized calculations: business interruption, business torts, breach of contract, intellectual property infringements, construction defects and delays
  • Valuations for Estate Planning & Taxation


While most mid-market companies and owner-managed businesses run effective portfolios, often time they do not perform effective portfolio reviews. The value of non-core businesses can erode when there is no divestment imperative. SAGEVIEW’s professional valuator can help you with effective review; help change strategic direction quickly and deploy achievable industry benchmarks and analytics to assess capital performance. This helps you understand when and how to grow, fix or exit a business and avoid crisis management and fire sales.



Acquiring a business can be an onerous responsibility. Transparent, robust and accurate valuations and business models can help you make the right choice. Some questions you will want answered are pre-deal value, sum-of-the-parts and value bridge analyses; Synergy assessment, EBITDA or Earnings Per Share assessment, Optimal capital structure analysis – credit models, debt capacity, capital requirement to run the business; Assisting with profitability improvement by providing cost allocation methodology by products / services; Hedging program recommendations to address interest rate, exchange risks; Post-deal value tracking and Accounting valuations – purchase price allocations and impairment analyses.


Private Equity Financing

Private equities (PE) embody a combination of business and investment-portfolio management. It is the core of private equity’s success. They generally have a buy-to-sell approach. As a business owner explores a private equity transaction for value creation opportunity, it is essential to understand the value position of your business and make necessary changes to achieve the upside in value. Identifying whether to go the PE route or join hands with a strategic investor requires results-focused approach to the proposed transaction. Make a better choice considering your personal and business goals.